The Cord Media Team

Meet the talent on stage and behind the scenes.

At Cord Media, our greatest differentiator is also our greatest asset: Our in-house team. Cord Media has sought out top-shelf talent to build one of the most formidable marketing teams. Half of our staff has in-house experience, from casino resorts to home builders, having managed upscale openings, remodels, day-to-day communications and marketing functions both on-property and back of house. We understand first-hand, the challenges and nuances of running a successful enterprise and have the experience to back it up.

The Leadership

Strategy, Creativity, and Passion

  • Jaci Fitzsimonds - President
    Jaci Fitzsimonds - President

    Jaci Fitzsimonds


    What you need to know about Jaci is This Girl is on Fire. She is fierce. As a founding partner of Cord Media, Jaci leads and oversees the creative team to make sure what they do is fresh, edgy, real. And it is. Every time. But she’ll do it in Jimmy Choos, an Hermes scarf, and with a smile. That’s Jaci. So when CBS tapped her to head up media and sales for a luxury homebuilder television show, she snapped it up. And that’s what led her to Cord Media. Her impeccable eye for detail, style, and beautiful things makes her a leader on our resort, spa, restaurant, homebuilding, health, and beauty accounts. She is an outstanding event planner, creating elegant, top-shelf events to create buzz for our clients and charitable events. Jaci’s events are legendary. But Cord Media staff will tell you she’s best known around the office for filling the kitchen with goodies and making a mean Mac and Cheese. We heart Jaci and you will too.

  • Jonas Udcoff - Chief Executive Officer
    Jonas Udcoff - Chief Executive Officer

    Jonas Udcoff

    Chief Executive Officer

    Jonas is in charge of negotiating media, managing the marketing budgets, and developing marketing plans, campaigns and strategies for all clients. He ensures that each client's marketing dollars reach their highest potential, without increasing the overall media budget.

    With over 15 years of experience in the advertising business, from production to sales to news, Jonas was an account executive in the 1990s for the KESQ. After quickly becoming a leading sales person, Jonas left to set up the first CBS affiliate in the Palm Springs market and became the youngest General Sales Manager in the country for a "Big 3" affiliate. The station became a market leader in overall revenue and remains so. Upon leaving in 2007, Jonas started Cord Media Company, a full service advertising agency, handling television, radio, outdoor, online and print advertising for mid-size and large local, regional, national and even international businesses.

  • Burton Gray - Director of Marketing
    Burton Gray - Director of Marketing

    Burton Gray

    Director of Marketing

    Burton Gray leads digital marketing efforts for Cord Media with a keen eye for what works in today’s virtual world. Ever shopped for shoes online and then suddenly all you see are ads about shoes? Yep. Burton, with a major in sociology and a minor in IT, is your ultimate consumer cyberstalker, but in a good way! He will get your brand, message, or product where it needs to be, whether through online advertising, email marketing, mobile marketing, social media or any other digital platform you can think of. And this kid’s got chops. Over the years he’s designed websites for Adobe and BMW; managed multi-million dollar ad budgets for casino resorts, and forget the six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Burton’s got connections, our favorite being to the White House through his marketing efforts on the United Nations’ Millennium Project. Boom!

  • Katherine Villegas - Director of Client Services
    • Katherine
    • aka Kitty Kat
    • Director of Client Services
    Katherine Villegas - Director of Client Services

    Katherine Villegas

    Director of Client Services

    Let’s get it started... that’s Katherine’s battle cry. As Director of Client Services, she makes things happen. Katherine ensures that clients’ projects - from conception to completion - are handled smoothly and seamlessly. She personally manages all the print, copywriting, radio and television production for Spotlight 29 Casino, as well as overseeing the entire accounts department, a team of over a dozen people. You can bet on Katherine to go all-in every day for her clients and team. She has nearly 10 years experience in the industry and is the complete package. You’ll feel like you hit the jackpot when working with her… we certainly do!

  • Scott Burch - Director of Graphic Services
    Scott Burch - Director of Graphic Services

    Scott Burch

    Creative Director - Design

    Scott Burch is our creative genius, leading the brand development at Cord Media. Want to express yourself? Let Scott take the reins. Color, design, imagery: They are his play things. And he’s got serious street cred. Before joining our team, Scott was the Senior Art Director at the design studio for Warner Bros. Television. He garnered several awards for his design and creative work on the hit shows “Friends,” “The West Wing,” “ER” and a list of others. His current portfolio includes clients such the Humana Challenge - a nationally televised PGA tour event, the Blue C Sushi chain based in Seattle, and dozens more. He created a new image campaign for Muckleshoot Casino, The Signature luxury home community at PGA WEST, and is the creative lead for the Hard Rock Hotel. Scott is also Vice President of the Desert Cancer Foundation, the American Advertising Federation, a member of the American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA) Orange County and of Arts Oasis, a group devoted to the future of the creative economy. Dang.

  • Adam Duplay - Director of Video Production
    Adam Duplay - Director of Video Production

    Adam Duplay

    Creative Director - Video

    Adam Duplay is our video guru. He’s the guy who can take a 30-second script or a 30-minute script and knock it out of the park. Whatever the product, company or campaign, from his eye through the lens to the edit bay, magic happens when he’s behind the camera. Adam has cranked out videos for national television and the advertising industry for almost a decade, everything from commercials, trailers, infomercials, website videos, and spot production for a diverse list of clients including KLS Resorts, the Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism, ESPN and American Express. Our in-demand director is one of Indian Gaming’s best bets! Adam knows what it takes to make a casino spot a true winner! Whether it be for Spotlight 29 Casino, St Croix Casinos or Muckleshoot Casino and Muckleshoot Bingo… he’s got game. His first film, “The Romance and Sex Life of the Date, ” was an official selection to the 2008 Palm Springs International Short Film Festival. He’s also the writer, producer and director for Journey Television. If you’re looking for him, check out the edit bay.

  • Kristy Kneiding - Director of Public Relations
    • Kristy
    • aka Special K
    • Director of Public Relations
    Kristy Kneiding - Director of Public Relations

    Kristy Kneiding

    Director of Public Relations

    Public Relations Director Kristy Kneiding has a thirst for knowledge and a taste for the media. She leads Cord’s PR team and is sure to get people talking – everywhere. Talking about you, your products and your brand. While she might not look like your typical foodie, she started the Coachella Valley’s first walking food tour and her menu of experience includes crisis communications, media relations and promotion of cities, homebuilders, museums, hotels, symphonies, special events, and the list goes on and on. If you want the best insight on the hottest new restaurants, be sure to ask her! She has a cheeseball sense of humor and that’s why we love her. All in all, Kristy is the ultimate PR gal.

  • Andrea De Francisco-Shek - Associate Creative Director
    • Andrea
      De Francisco-Shek
    • aka Motha Lovin' D.R.E.
    • Associate Creative Director
    Andrea De Francisco-Shek - Associate Creative Director

    Andrea De Francisco-Shek

    Associate Creative Director

    You know that girl who is freakishly perfect with everything, right down to the icing on a cupcake or the fold in an invitation? That’s Andrea. She’s a detail goddess. Andrea began her career working design and visual merchandising in the home goods and furniture industry in the uber-cool San Francisco Bay Area. In 2005, she moved to the fast-paced casino industry where she shot to the top, working for Spotlight 29 Casino and the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla’s four resort properties. In addition to creating award-winning brand campaigns for the grand opening of the 4-diamond Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa and The Show concert venue, she excels at art direction on video and still shoots, and is our lead creative for Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, overseeing branding and design on three restaurant projects. Andrea is fastidious when it comes to collateral pieces with unique cuts, folds and inks, making sure the client’s vision always comes to life. And if her experience isn’t enough to impress, Andrea has won countless advertising and design awards.

  • Kevin Reuter - Associate Creative Director
    Kevin Reuter - Associate Creative Director

    Kevin Reuter

    Associate Creative Director

    Reuter is integral to our home building, hospitality and lifestyle clients at Cord Media. With over 20 years of design and creative direction, he’s helped guide dozens of Seattle based land development clients including Port Blakely Development, Yarrow Bay, Port of Bellingham Waterfront, Seattle Housing Authority and Weyerhaeuser Real Estate along with national hospitality campaigns for Trump Hotels, Benchmark Resorts and the LEED® Platinum Bardessono Hotel. He has earned several prestigious awards, including those from the National Home Builders Association, MAME and Golden Nugget awards.