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Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Our approach to the creative process is to think of it as a person. What do they look like? How do they dress, how do they speak, how do they like to be approached? What is the goal of the property? We start a project by asking the client these types of questions. What do THEY want to convey? What are THEIR goals? Who are their clients currently, who do they want to attract? On our side, we research the market, the competition, the conditions, the property’s current image, any potential hurdles, financial constraints and financial goals of the company.

In-House Television and Radio Production

In-House Television and Radio Production

Cord Media Company’s award-winning production department has produced a multitude of successful TV and radio projects. We work with national brands to your favorite local haunts. To us, every project is equally as important and receives the same quality and attention that we have become known for.

Cord Media has its own in-house video production unit. We can write, shoot, produce, and edit a variety of video pieces:

  • Image / Brand Campaigns

  • Promotion-Based Spots

  • In-Room Videos

  • Promotional Videos

  • Corporate Videos

  • Video Wall Loops

  • Web Videos

  • LED Content for Marquee Signage
Website Design and Development

Website Design and Development

Given that all of Cord Media’s services are under one roof, we bring branding continuity to your digital platform. Our experience allows us to design and develop modern, functional websites that perform both for the client’s needs and the users’ expectations.

  • Purchase & manage domains

  • Front-end web development

  • Maintain & update existing websites

  • Manage hosting

  • Create dynamic content, including contact forms and integrate existing services

  • Data capture

Public Relations

The Cord Media public relations team is dedicated, diligent and methodical to ensure success. Our PR team boasts seasoned specialists, journalists and publicists. As such, we know how to build a brand, identifying compelling and newsworthy stories and craft messages for effective communications. Whether navigating through multiple messaging campaigns or simply getting the buzz out about an upcoming concert, our team utilizes the latest media and messaging tools to effectively produce extraordinary results.

Media Planning, Buying and Trafficking

As our name suggests, Cord Media knows media. Our principals — Jonas Udcoff and Jaci Fitzsimonds — began their careers in and developed from the world of television and media. With over 20 years of experience, we understand that media buying is an art — and it’s one that we’ve mastered.

Cord Media is recognized as one of the premier agencies in the country. That’s because we’re service-oriented and move quickly and efficiently to meet deadlines, all while stretching clients’ budgets to gain exceptional media exposure.

Digital Marketing

As today’s consumers move seamlessly across digital and offline channels — the web, mobile, social media, traditional media, etc. — our digital marketing plan will enable us to pay attention to the consumer’s behavior on every channel and then take responsive action. Cord Media will maintain and execute a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that utilizes unique techniques to increase visibility and traffic and provides connection to all other marketing touch points across all platforms. Functional areas of focus include: digital media, search, email and social marketing.

Market Research

The ultimate goal of all market research is to learn more about your existing and potential customers in order to pinpoint which ones are the most profitable targets and how to speak directly to their needs. Knowing the likes and dislikes, as well as attitudes and behaviors, leads to valuable marketing and operational strategies.

Reputation Management

As a full-service marketing and advertising agency, Cord Media understands the important role reputation plays in all facets of business dealings, from word-of- mouth recommendations to potentially damaging gossip. That’s why we take a proactive, watchdog approach to managing our clients’ profiles in the digital sphere. Our highly-trained team has the skill set to diligently monitor review sites, blogs and social media for any footprint that could
tarnish a client’s name, character or business.

Reputation Management

Social Media

In this day and age, digital marketing is critical to the success of every business, with a key component of that being a strong social media presence. We are skilled at planning, executing and analyzing social media strategies that reach target audiences with relevant content, resulting in consistent engagement among followers and fans. That means going beyond the occasional Facebook post and random Tweet. It’s about understanding target audiences, anticipating user habits and growing your fan base.

Social Media

Some of the activities in the program include the following:

  • Formal analysis of current strategy

  • General social media strategy

  • Social media account creation and management

Special Events

We are committed to providing our clients strategic creativity through a target-orientated process that delivers extraordinary results. Through a detailed planning process, we are able to develop a clear understanding of our client’s business goals and objectives. We strategically execute their message and vision in order to produce an event with impact. As a result, the message is clearly conveyed and the event is unforgettable.

  • Grand Openings

  • Concerts

  • Conferences

  • Team Building

  • Incentive Trips

  • Product Launches

  • Philanthropic Events

  • Budget Management

  • FAM Tours

Direct Mail

A direct mail program is your opportunity to begin a genuine dialog with your most valuable guests. Whether it’s a provoking invitation the players can hold in their hands or an engaging email they can navigate on their computer, phone or tablet, Cord Media can help you deliver award-winning creative and strategy that will generate top-of- mind awareness, engage new members, keep active members informed and entice inactive members to return.

  • Direct mail program strategy

  • Strong relationships with the top mail houses in the country to get the best pricing

  • Up-to- date knowledge of postal standards and regulations

  • Best practices to maximize impact and minimize cost

  • Access to geo-targeted (zip code) lists and strategies behind using them

  • Experience creating all types of mailers and electronic messaging including variable/personalized mailers and communications

Account Management

We’re focused, smart, and fearless. Every plan, every round of creative, every meeting, everything we do will embrace these qualities. This is how we’ve become an “in-demand agency” that is growing with integrity each and every day.

Strategic Planning

A strategic plan is used to communicate with an organization or client, outlining its goals, the actions needed to achieve those goals and all of the other critical elements developed during the planning process.

Strategic Planning